Egyptian Swiss Chemical industries is an ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 certificated company. 

This certification places it among an elite group of Egyptian companies who not only certify manufacturing and distribution methods as with ISO 9002 but also choose to certify quality control of products.

Certification benefits Egyptian Swiss as well as our customers.

Every process is monitored and audited for effectiveness. The stringent quality   management systems promote continuous improvement, reduce costs, and ensure the suitability and consistency of our products.

Our business philosophy minors the statistical vision of Mr. Shorosh. We believe that if we are good corporate Citizens our clients, employees and community are enhanced. The challenges we face as we move into the next millennium are global in perspective and vast in scope. To support our customer's future needs; we have built a world-class research and manufacturing facility which has prepared us for accurate and quick responses of a consistent and high quality.

As a part of our commitment to our world's future; we designed our building to be the most environmentally sound facility of its kind.

The following pages provide a summery of our areas of commitment and expertise.

Words and pictures alone will never do justice to the level of service you will receive by making our company your partner and preferred supplier. We cordially invite you to visit our facility, and meet our team.