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Our Leadership


To support our customer’s future needs we have built a world-class research and manufacturing facility which has prepared us for accurate and quick responses of a consistent and high quality. As a part of our commitment to our world’s future we designed our building to be the most environmentally sound facility of its kind

Our Services —

Commitment to quality control, quality assurance


Our mission is to earn and retain the status of preferred supplier and contractor which enabled us to understand and exceed both internal and external customers’ expectation

  • Industrial floors.
  • Concrete renovation.
  • Heat insulation.
  • General contracting services.
  • Maintenance and repair.
  • Painting.

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Who we are —

The Egyptian Swiss chemical Industry Co founded by Shorosh family has constantly been committed to provide its clients with high quality building and industrial chemicals in our ever increasingly complex and challenging market. Since the company’s foundation in 1979, our attitude has been constantly striving to reach efficient and cost-effective solutions through a know-how and a licensee agreement signed on 1984 with a Swiss company named Holderchem Euco-Export which was lately sold to Euclid Chemicals in Cleveland – Ohio for the production of building chemicals in Egypt. 
The Egyptian Swiss Chemical Industries has expanded its activities to better suit its clients’ constantly evolving needs by beginning the production in the new factory on the year 1994 of 10000 sq.m. employing 200 people to produce more than 9000 tons annually .

Our Mission

Our mission as an industrial and building chemical manufacturer is to earn and retain the status of preferred supplier by continually making improvements which enable to understand and exceed both internal and external customers' expectations. We will work together to define and understand every process performed by our company and constantly strive to improve each process. 

Our aim is to increase market share by providing consistent chemical products and support services that are environmentally sound and loved by customers. We will give our customers reason to relay on us and not one reason not to. We will achieve our aim through open communications with our associates, customers, and suppliers, creating an environment in which all are enriched by our actions.

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